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Samsung Tab S3 and Galaxy S8
in-box earphones tuned by AKG

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For a superior listening experience

AKG is proud to have been chosen by SAMSUNG to provide AKG sound to its new GALAXY flagship models for a superior listening experience. The Tab S3’s speakers and in-box earphones of GALAXY S8 were precisely tuned by AKG to provide end-user customers with a truly pure sound, free from distortion - for gaming, for videos, and for listening to music.


“Tuned by AKG” means the Samsung Galaxy TabS3 and the in-box earphones produce a very balanced and natural sound with superb dynamic range and exceptional accuracy. The Tab S3 is among the best-sounding tablets on the market today and the earphones offer the most balanced, natural sound available in an earphone. Both devices are tuned to provide a truly superior listening experience.