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Headphones for Travel

For lush sound that surrounds you as you speed along to your destination, pamper yourself on your next trip with the best travel headphones in Australia—AKG. Nothing calms the “are we there yet” feeling like your favourite music, piped into your ears in all its splendour, as you head down the highway or across the skies. This is the reason why the AKG team has designed & crafted the best travel headphones in Australia & the world over. What makes AKG stand apart from other travel headphones? Australia’s seasoned travellers know. It’s the relaxing, pure sound you can't find anywhere else.

  • Signature Sound That Soothes
  • Long Battery Life for Long Trips
  • Convenient Features for Easy Packing
  • Enjoy Comfort, Convenience in Your Travel Headphones
  • For the Ultimate in Portable Sound, Buy AKG Travel Headphones

Signature Sound That Soothes

Long Battery Life for Long Trips

Convenient Features for Easy Packing

Enjoy Comfort, Convenience in Your Travel Headphones

For the Ultimate in Portable Sound, Buy AKG Travel Headphones

When we designed the AKG travel headphones, our engineers focused on one thing: making sure you could experience the purest, cleanest sound available anywhere. They delivered that—and more. Not only do our headphones balance out distracting low frequency-range noises, but they go far beyond to provide a world-class acoustic experience that’s as clear as if you were sitting in a concert hall. Maybe even better.

Warm bass that thunders. Trebles with pure notes that make you shiver with delight. Though you may be in a plane crowded like a can of sardines, with AKG headphones, you’re alone—your music being your only companion. While exceptionally performing throughout the whole noise spectrum, the technology behind our range the headphones is optimized for traveling. Tuned up for reducing ambient noise especially towards the low frequency ranges (like for example the airplane background humming or the traffic noise), it allows a clear and pure sound/quiet experience.

If you buy headphones for travel, the last thing you want is for them to run out of power before the trip’s over. No worries with your AKG travel headphones. Our models range from 15 to 30 hours of continuous battery life. With our convenient USB charging cable, you can keep the Grammy-winning sounds coming for as long as you like. For long haul flights you can use your headphones to experience in-flight entertainment with the airline adapter that comes with the headphones of the travel range. The headphones in our travel range are comfortable for long hours of listening pleasure and they are the best companion a journey requires.

When you try to find travel headphones online, you’ll find that other headphones are awkward, bulky, with no way to pack them easily. Not so with AKG headphones. the AKG Travel line headphones are lightweight and foldable flat for the convenience of all those travelling light. Our 3D folding mechanism makes it easy to stow them away. We even furnish a carrying case to make it easier to bring them along. With AKG, it’s easy to bring your tunes along for the ride.

Gone is the pinch from standard travel headphones you can’t get just right. Gone is the bug-in-the-ear feeling most earbuds give you. With AKG’s line of headphones and in-ear travel sound systems, you’ll enjoy cushy comfort for your ears—and your head—with our memory foam cushions, lightweight aluminium construction, and butter-soft leather accents. The N20 & N60NC headphones come with a range of accessories designed to make integrating your headphones into your journey completely seamless. As for convenience, you have control at the touch of a button with our universal remote. Our wireless models even let you take calls hands-free while you’re on the road. Comfort like you’ve never had before. Convenience for all your travels. That’s the AKG advantage.

With cutting-edge technology, plush, long-lasting comfort, and award-winning sound, there simply isn’t anything on the market like our headphones for travel around Australia—or around the world. Change the atmosphere of your journey with each new song & remain completely undisturbed by the sounds of your bus, plane or train. Before your next trip, grab a pair of AKG headphones and enjoy the journey. Our headphones for travel promise to change the way you think about your time spent travelling. To learn more about the advantages of choosing AKG, contact the AKG Australia team today.


First Class Noise Cancelling in-ear headphones fine-tuned for traveling

  • 20-hours battery life
  • Universal 3-button remote with compatibility switch
$199 each
Coming soon


First Class Noise Cancelling headphones fine-tuned for traveling

  • 30-hours battery life
  • Universally compatible one-button remote with microphone
  • Convenient USB charging cable
$249.95 each

N60NC Wireless

First Class Noise Cancelling wireless headphones fine-tuned for traveling

  • 15-hours lossless wireless Noise Cancelling audio playback (30-hours with BT off)
  • Detachable universal cable with one-button remote control
$299 each
Coming soon